Dnt act like you aint know !
Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in a drought —> Useless and disappointing 💀🙅
Love love love love Blair ! 😍😍👌
My stanka butt is officially 6months today ! Auntie loves you mucho nd cnt wait two see you
😍😘😍😘 @punkyboo 

#Happy6MonthsPapa nd on tht note GoodNightIG (at In my bed)
#HappyValentine’sDayIG ! Ohhh nd GoodMorning two :) #ootd #sotd #swag 👌👊
idoes this, wit my cardigan game ! #Swagggy 👌👍😉😝👊😜😎
Dinner last night ! Thanks two my lovely Eve. Me nd @itsdaddieh ate beautifully :)

Done for the night, GoodNight IG !
ifucks wit my ppl tht fucks wit me, yaddamean ! You aint included, then tht says alot abt YOU, cause ima loyal ass person… .

#IrideForMine #MyOtherFam #AintNonodyF’inWitMyClique 👊 👌 👍 👏

P.S- in case you aint kno, the shirt says “Middle finger two You ” 😬
#DinnerTime:: Ham & Cheese, everything on it except tomatoes, nd grape ginger-ale ! :) #Yummy
Ima ask you nicely two #GetTheHellOn ! Cause you couldnt seriously be serious right now o.O
#ChallengeDay1: Pic of Me !
This is wht my mornings lookin like right abt now !
#ShytsToughOutHere (at West Village A South)
Happy Mutha-Loving New Years ! 

#2013 nd ididnt make any resolutions cause wen ido, something never gets done #RNS. So this year im goin two just continue two stay focused, push as hard as possible nd love the people tht love me ! :-*
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